A helmet would NOT have helped this time

I make a lot of jokes about needing a helmet and banging myself up in my sports. The truth of the matter is that I accept that I may get bruised, or scrapped, or even break a bone. I bike and luge knowing that I am learning and that those things will might happen. I also know that when I mountain bike and luge I am pushing myself and sometimes that might hurt. I enjoy the sports. But its a completely different thing when I and my friends are almost injured or killed while out biking due to the action of someone else.

Tonight I was riding with a group from work. We were biking on some relatively quiet back roads when we were almost hit by a truck. Now there are a lot of ways you can almost get hit by a car when you are biking. Most of them involve people making poor choices with their vehicles. Maybe they pass too close, or turn in front of you, or are in a rush to get past you and pass you when they shouldn’t. Been there and experienced all of those.  Tonight was something new. The truck was coming towards us. He purposely crossed the road into the lane we were in and aimed for our group. There was screeching of tires and I did not think he was going to make it back into his lane without hitting one (or all) of us. I was in the back of the group and rapidly tried to figure my escape plan. Luckily he did make it back into his lane. And luckily none of us were hit by him and none of us crashed our bikes trying to get out of his way.

I’m still kind of processing the incident in my mind. I mean how can you even think that is remotely funny? Its not a joke. Someone could have died. Seriously. What on Earth did a biker ever do to you that makes you want to LITERALLY run a biker down?  It really overshadowed what was a very nice ride with some old  and new friends.

I don’t accept that I need something more significant than a helmet for the sports I love.


4 thoughts on “A helmet would NOT have helped this time

  1. So I guess following this jerk’s logic, if you were driving a semi, it would be funny to him if you did the same to him.

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