I rented a mountain bike today for this week’s vacation and it made me sad. Oh, I was glad to get a bike and have a chance to ride in some spectacular new scenery. So why was I sad?

Well those of you who bike know. You love your bike. You picked it out, it’s set-up for who you are and how you ride. You know it’s noises and how it feels. You know how far you can push it and when you can trust it to stick.

But there is another reason. It’s a dark hidden secret we don’t really want to admit to. It feels like cheating. I’m here in this beautiful new place and experiencing new trails with a different bike. And my bike (His name is Worm BTW. Why? Cause worms live in dirt and mud!) is sitting at home.

Worm, I promise next year you make the trip. And next year I ride you across the red carpet in Leadville.

(The ride was awesome, and what I needed!)


One thought on “Cheating?

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