One of the reasons I love to ride.

When I first started riding I started doing something my family thought was strange. OK they actually thought I was doing a lot of strange things when I started riding. They thought bike shorts were odd. I’m not sure what they would do if I actually shaved my legs like many bike riders are prone to do. But I digress. What I am talking about is bringing my bike with me or renting a bike when I travel so I can ride.

My family thought that was odd. Bringing your bike on vacation? Taking time out of a vacation to ride?

That started as a way to exercise. Runners get to run when they are away. Why shouldn’t a biker bike? Along the way that has changed to something more. It changed into my way to experience and explore a new place.

I’ve ridden in Alaska, Virginia, Florida, and California on vacation. I’m rather proud that I literally biked to the end of the highway out of Ketchacan Alaska. That I could not have gone any farther, because there was no farther to go.

This year we are in Colorado, and like I posted yesterday, I rented a mountain bike for vacation. Today my brother and I went on a 50 mile bike ride. What was so cool about it, and what I love about biking on vacation, was we got away from the tourist scene and saw what the area is really like.


Love the moon above the cliff in that shot.

We saw some spectacular scenery.



We also saw prairie dogs and mule deer. Sorry no pictures. (Hey we were biking. Give me a brake!) We saw ranches and ranchers. It was a great ride. And one of the reasons I love riding. And my family? The have come to understand accept my quirk. Now when we travel they ask what day I am riding. And they even enjoy hearing about what I see.


2 thoughts on “One of the reasons I love to ride.

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