The imprtance of riding with friends

News Flash: I am not, and I never will be a pro bike racer. I know that’s probably shocking to hear but its true. I’m just not good enough, and I won’t ever be. The sad part about that is that means I won’t ever have enough time to ride my bike. There will always be other things I need to do (luckily I like what I do, so I have that going for me).

OK. So that’s the bad news. The good news? It means I can spend the time I do get to ride riding the way I want to. This year has been a little more serious for me from a biking standpoint. I was training for the Willmington Whiteface Qualifier aiming for Leadville and that really affected how I rode this summer. This weekend there was another race that I was looking at doing. It was the Hampshire 100. Another epic long distance mountain bike race. My chance to do that race was quickly lost as I found out that the LiveStrong Philly Challenge was on the same day.
I’ve ridden in the LS Philly ride for the past two years and through it I have met a great bunch of people. I was teasing them this weekend about their veto of me riding in New Hampshire so that I would have to come to Philly to spend the weekend with them. I’m glad I did and hear is why (sh, this is a secret I am going to let you in on): Its important to spend time riding in situations that are fun. Yup. That’s the secret. It was fun to ride with my friends.

Look. If I was lined up at the start of the Hampshire 100 would I have looked like this?


Probably not. I probably would have been nauseous and quiet. I would have had my game face on. I might not have talked to anyone. In short, I would not have been much fun. Weekends like this weekend are about friendship, common interest, and shared experience. These weekends help to keep me excited about riding and grounded in who I am. There is nothing wrong with finding some challenging goals, pushing and competing. But its important to not loose perspective.

Next year when I go to Leadville, I sincerely hope that my biking friends get to come to help me out. I know their friendship will help in ways they and I cannot imagine.

Oh, and yeah, this weekend, when the riders were released? I went hard, just cause I wanted to see how hard I could go, but my friends expected that. 😉


6 thoughts on “The imprtance of riding with friends

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