Probably most of you have experienced the “Earworm”. That time when you get a part of a song stuck in your mind and it plays over and over again. Distance bike riders ofter experience that (we hear voices too, usually they are nasty voices, but that’s a story for a different day).

Sometimes earworms are helpful and sometimes they are a problem. When I was riding in Philly last weekend I experienced two earworms. In this case they were helpful and made me smile while they were playing. The first one occurred when I was doing the Landis Store Climb. This climb is the longest climb of the day. Its not the steepest grade, but it is a good long climb that you can really get into. This was playing in my mind. Any guess where that came from? Come on guess……Give up? OK, thats the music that is playing in Race Across the Sky when the racers are hiking their bikes up the Powerline climb towards the end of the race.

This one made me smile. Heck, I wasn’t in the hurt locker anywhere near what I will be in Leadville next year on that climb.

The ride continued and I finally reached the 5 mile to go marker. And my internal soundtrack switched to this. Which is the music they play in the movie when the racers they follow in the movie are finishing. Super upbeat music to finish Philly.

Wow, am I obsessed or what? Yup. Stoked to go to Leadville next year. (Its going to be a long winter ;))


But here is the music I really want playing in my head next summer when I cross the finish line…..

Just thinking about how totally cool it will be to see my family and friends at the finish line.


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