So I’ve spent the night trying to figure out how to make this one heroic. “Bailey’s pet rabbit got out. Realizing that Bailey would be destroyed if I hit and killed his beloved pet I attempted a jump over him. There was loose gravel (i.e. skree) and in the process of landing I wiped out. I did save the rabbit, but it was at the expense of my body.” Great story but a total fabrication. Sometimes the truth is not so glamorous, sometimes its funny (even if its embarrassing).

The truth is that Noah and I had just finished a ride. I wanted to do a little more and so I started to do a little skill practice. Riding over a railroad tie in my yard, up and down some bumps. Then I figured I would do some wheelies. Wheelies are a great skill  for mountain biking. Getting your front wheel over an obstacle allows you to go over some really fun terrain. I had been having trouble getting my front wheel up off the ground but I had read a book about mountain biking skills (no comments here, its a good book inspite of the outcome yesterday) and had figured out what I had been doing wrong. Need to load the front shock then up. So I did it (Doug, you should have listened to the voice telling you to do it in sneakers instead of being clipped in fool. Oops was that out loud?). The wheel came up and I thought cool. But the wheel kept going and over I went. Right smack onto my butt.I had just failed a move on a bicycle that 10 year olds master. That’s the truth. Total fail on a a move so basic its not even really a move.


“Dad are you OK?”


Then from Coreen (who came running up after hearing me to tell Noah Nope) “are you hurt”.

“I don’t know give me a minute.”

Now I have a “fair” (i.e. really high) pain threshold. I think that’s one of the things that makes me a good long distance bike rider. To give you an idea, when my appendix ruptured I thought about calling an ambulance and decided not to (I learned a lesson in that incident, as you will see very soon). Here I rolled over so I was face down on the ground with tears coming from my eyes, it hurt that bad. I managed to get into the house and then down onto the bed. Decided that it was probably a good idea to go to the hospital to make sure I didn’t break anything. (See I’m not a total idiot!) Off Coreen and I went.

If you ever want to bring  a little joy to the people in an ER, just come in after having hurt yourself doing something silly. Not weird stupid (you know like getting something stuck were it shouldn’t be so that they will talk about for years and years), nope I mean shake your head silly.

“What happened sir?”

“I crashed my bike.”


“Nope bicycle.”

“What happened?”

“Pulled a wheelie too hard and went all of the way over. Then I landed on my butt and am worried that I broke it or something else.”

“Where did it happen?”

“In my driveway.”

“Wow that’s unfortunate.” With a little smile sneaking out……You can see the real joy on their faces through their knowing smile. This conversation was basically repeated 3 or 4 times with different people over the course of an hour.

The people in the ER were actually really nice. Couple of xrays later, nothing broken just abrasions and contusions (and a severely bruised ego). Have some advil to keep the swelling down and take it easy for a couple of days.

So I’m sitting at home taking it easy. (Yes I can sit thank you very much….and get that freaking smile off your faces, you are supposed to be my friends. OK I’m smiling too, it IS kind of funny.) I was supposed to do a road bike ride in the mountains today and was looking forward to it (Sorry Jen!). Had to put that off. But nothing broken so it looks like the race in September is still on.

Should have listened to that stupid voice. Seams that the voices aren’t always bad.


15 thoughts on “Ouch

  1. Hi Doug,
    You must ALWAYS listen to that voice. Repeat after me…I will listen to my inner voice, I will listen to my inner voice. Let me tell you a story…
    I watched something on TV about listening to the voice, and I promised myself I’d do it. Soon after, I went for a bike ride, I wanted 20 miles, so I was doing 10 miles out and back. At about the 9.3 mile mark, my voice told me to turn around. Frustrated to cut the mileage short, I turned around anyway. When I got back to my car I decided to drive the route to see if the mileage was accurate. And I discovered that right at the spot I turned around there was a cyclist on the ground, having just been hit by a car. He was surrounded by people and being taken care of, but thank god I listened. And so shall you!
    Glad you’re ok!

    • My problem is that sometimes you cannot listen to that voice. If I listened to it all of the time I would never have finished the Whiteface qualifier race (it was saying nasty things at the end when I was walking up the ski mountain). And I would certainly not finish Leadville. Its a matter of filtering which I am working on.

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