Countdown to The Race With the Wind (the revised plan)

I am not what you would call a patient person when it comes to letting injuries heal. So this week has been a trial for me. My leg and back are pretty bruised from my little wheelie adventure last week. But I’ve been listening to the little voice in my head. It’s been saying “go easy” or “not a good idea” and for the most part I have listened to what its been saying. I’ve been riding, but really lightly. No big hills no fast pace. If there was a choice in the route, I took the easy way over the hard way. I’ve been good! (Note this was not the easiest thing for me to do this weekend. There are hills I test myself on it CT and cool mountain bike trails I found last time I was out. I was feeling OK…No down Doug, down!)

For the most part my leg and back are feeling better. I can definitely still tell they are sore. But a week out from the crash, I am definitely heading in the right direction.

So now I find myself just about half way between two events. A little over a week ago was “The Crash”. A little over a week from now is the Race With the Wind. This race is 46 miles long and its relatively flat (compared to what I have done, and what I am planning to do). For training I WAS going to ride a super nice 60 mile loop in the mountains last Sunday (the day after I crashed, well that was the plan before I crashed) on my road bike. Then there was going to be some juicy single track in CT this weekend. And then next weekend I was going to do most of the Wilmington Whiteface Qualifier course in preparation. My plan for the race had been to ride it all out the entire way. I was feeling confident. I looked at the past finish times. Easy course, easy distance. I could do really really well.

Of course the crash has changed the plan. The crash has introduced an interesting twist to this race. I’ve not done any rides longer than an hour and a half in two weeks (my goal for the race was under 3 hours). I’ve not pushed hard on any ride in 10 days (and I am not sure when I am going to do that). So how ready am I? I’m sure I will be able to ride the 46 miles, but now the questions are: How hard can I go? How long can I sustain the effort? (How much will it hurt?)

The new plan? Ride this week lightly but with a little more distance. If I feel OK go 50 miles this weekend on my road bike. And on race day…..see what happens. (Still shooting for under 3 hours šŸ˜‰ )


2 thoughts on “Countdown to The Race With the Wind (the revised plan)

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