I am really excited about this weekend. So excited that yesterday (Thursday) felt like Friday. So excited that I woke up early and couldn’t fall back asleep. Why am I so excited about this weekend? Its a weekend of transitions.

This weekend is the Race With the Wind. Its the last race/organized ride I have on my calendar. And so it is a transition between summer and winter. I’ve had a fun season, and I am almost ready to look back on it and reflect on it. I am also ready to ride a little less seriously for a while. I love riding in the fall with the colors and smells. I plan to ride with the goal of enjoying the season. I am also ready to move into my winter sports for a while. (Time to get the luge out! Yup that looks fun doesn’t it?!)

Its also a transition between this year and next year. What does that mean? I am going to be very serious and purposeful about my biking next year. I am reading a book on mountain training (The Mountain Biker’s Training Bible, in fact). I am also looking right now at hiring a biking coach to help me develop a training plan for next year. Its going to be serious next year. Reps, intervals, periodicity, inverse periodicity, tapers and peaks. I am going to treat going to Leadville as though I was an actual athlete. I am going to do this as right as I can.

This is also a weekend of transition because I am going to try to get “a result” in this race. I still don’t know where I am physically. I’m feeling pretty good, but I’m not as ready as I wanted to be. Regardless, I want to do well and that’s a shift for me. Usually I am less about the competition and more about internal motivation. This weekend I think I can do well. Feels again like a transition to becoming more serious.

Finally, this weekend is Noah’s first race. I want him to have a great time. I hope he gets the bug and wants to race some more! It has been fun “training” with him this summer.


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