Noah and his bike

Just a quick nugget today.

You might remember that my youngest son, Noah, competed in his first bike race this summer. He was at a competitive disadvantage because of his bike and his age.

Well no more excuses for him (OK I can’t do anything about his age but……). He is now the proud owner of a Trek 3700 mtb with 26″ wheels and 21 speeds AND a bottle cage.

No deep message here. Just exactly what the picture shows: a happy kid and his new (red) bike. That’s the first non-hand-me-down bike the boy has owned.

I just love the 26″ wheels on the 13″ frame. Looks like a 29’er with that frame.

Happy Trails Noah!

(No wheelies in the drive way, OK buddy? :D)


2 thoughts on “Noah and his bike

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