A couple of months ago I had a spectacular fail on a bike move in my driveway. Totally epic. It included a trip to the ER. (Now I will say in my own defence that I have since learned that I am not the only person to fail a move in a driveway. Hi Ashley :). Though I think earning a trip to the ER has me on top in this case!)

I’ve been feeling pretty good since then. In fact, body wise, I felt better than I had all summer. I was having some knee issues in my left knee and putting orthotic inserts in my mtb shoes (I got them in my road bike shoes when I had my bike fit last year) seems to have helped with that issue. I’ve been running a little bit for cross training and that made me stiff, but I am OK with that.

Then I played hockey Monday night.

I would love to say my accident Monday night was spectacular. “I was skating down the ice on a breakaway. Came in hard on the goalie, fired, scored and then crashed into the boards.” But the reality is I was horsing around during warm-ups. I use a right handed stick (because that felt “right”) but have always been told that your power arm should be on top of the stick (which means I should be using a left handed stick). I switched hands with my stick and tried a slapshot left handed.

Now, I am not a particularly good shooter even on my right side. On my left? Well I ended up on my ass, on the ice. It hurt a little bit but nothing real bad. The night progressed and I played my typical well intentioned, but not highly skilled game. Went home, showered, and went to bed.

I woke up at about 2am with an intense pain in my left leg. Pretty much perfectly matching the place and pain I had from my bike accident. Looks like I re-aggravated my thigh injury. I was a total gimp yesterday. My students laughed at me when I was teaching in class. One commented that I am really good at hurting myself. Sigh….(Its actually OK. Usually I laugh at them. A little turnabout is good for the soul.)

This bummed me out. I have another trip planned to Lake Placid on Friday. In the morning I am officiating a luge race. And then in the afternoon, well, the bike was coming up with me again. Remember how sucky my last ride in Lake Placid was? I was planning on going for a little personal redemption. This time I was going to bring my shoes. Now that was in jeopardy.

Then something remarkable happened. About 4 or so yesterday afternoon it started to feel better. Much better. Much much better. Almost good enough that I had considered riding. I had to give a talk to some students so riding was not a real possibility (Shut up stupid voice. I would not have ridden anyway.)

Today I can feel it just a little bit. Just enough to know its there. But not real bad. So a nice light ride this afternoon to see how things are. Then hopefully game on for Friday.

BTW. If you are near a computer Friday morning or Saturday morning (9- whenever we finish) the USLA National Seeding Races (they determine who gets to go to Europe this winter) will be shown live on the US Luge Association web site. Check it out. Here is the trailer. Doesn’t that look like fun!


5 thoughts on “(Re)aggravated

  1. Haha thanks for the link, Doug. We’re two of a kind.

    As far as the injury, glad it seems to have cleared up. It sounds more like a muscle was seized and needed stretching if it felt better all of a sudden. I twinge my back every so often and it’s from not stretching my hamstring/lower back enough. I used to have issues with the sciatic nerve but thankfully that’s gone.

  2. Yeah no worry there. If I am dismounting my mtb its because its too steep and I am stopped anyway. If my mtb is moving when I dismount, its not because I planned it, and I have other problems.

    My advice on wheelies? Don’t preload the front shock so much before you pull. Should be simply to avoid on a cross bike!

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