There is a lot of pressure when you decide to write a blog. I’ve been averaging about 3 posts a week, which seems like a manageable amount. But how do you fill that space? Even if you are not a world famous, loved blogger like the Fat Cyclist you owe a something to your 9 or 10 followers. Fat Cyclist has the advantage of racing alot, knowing pro cyclists, etc. etc. etc. Heck even my remote blogger friend, and future Leadville 100 compatriot/competitor Chris “From the Pavements Edge” commutes to work rain or shine and so has SOMETHING to say. Ashley “Aerochick” is doing something fun right now building her cross bike, crashing it, and riding in a hurricane.

Me a bunch of nothing.

Not anything remotely close to dangerous.

Nope its a pretty boring time right now. Luge starts on November 18. Bruises and stories will most likely follow that event. (Big Luge announcement yesterday was the new speed suit designs. You should read this. Its worth a chuckle. But that doesn’t really affect me.) I did polish my steel runners to get ready. But that was 2 hours of back and forth sanding. Very exciting, not. Hockey was cancelled this week. So I cannot tell you about my great glory of somehow steeling a puck from another bad player, then loosing it right back. (Or about falling on my tail and re-injuring myself). I did ride yesterday. But it was boring. 1 hour going twice around my block (its a long country block) just to get on my bike. Exciting? I saw a guy with a gun going deer hunting, I scared a deer away from said hunter by accident, and I said “hi” to my German Sheppard friend who likes to come and see me when I bike by.

Shoot, even the bicycling world has taken a break from it’s latest controversy. It would sure help if some emails directly indicting UCI came to light. (Hey guys, can you give me something there to rant about? I know those emails exist! :))

I should have something interesting to report on Friday. Monday my life will take a decided turn..real training for Leadville starts then (Friday’s announcement will relate to that).

(Enjoy the quiet Doug. You need these times too.)

(Shut up voice, you’ll have your chance to speak.)



4 thoughts on “Nothingness

  1. Haha thanks for the link Doug. Not sure how terribly interesting I am lately due to lack of motivation for writing. Too much stuff to do in real life, methinks.

  2. Putting yourself into a situation where you MUST ride every day regardless of conditions will give you A LOT to write about. And you go through the stages of commuting life.

    You at first are all psyched because you’re pulling it off, overcoming hardships, expereincing “firsts” (first commute in snow, first commute to AND from work in the rain), first flat on the way to work, first flat at work, etc, etc.

    Then you start to settle into your routine and you start to notice all the periphery things about commuting: the number of other bike commuters, patterns of traffic, volume of traffic, conditions of roads and trails and the like.

    Then you start to focus on those things and depending on your maturity level you react to them. You may join an advocacy group. You may gesture and curse at your obstacles. You may ride along in zen peace.

    I think I’m in the next stage. I am trying to become Bike Snob’s Enlightened Cyclist. I’m trying to rise above the obstacles: physical, mental and spiritual. So along the way you find your thoughts bursting to get out. On a reasonably distanced bike commute you can compose quite the manifesto for the day. I try to go light on the manifestos and stick with lighter topics these days.

  3. This was a fun post to read 🙂 I can relate. My bike is not going to see the sun until spring so I don’t have many reports of my own adventures to post on here. Sometimes I feel like I’m scrambling! But 3 posts per week isn’t bad!! By the way, Thanks for stopping by my blog and following!

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