Sometimes the world sends you a message. Sometimes that message is hidden and repeat it until you figure it out (often times this leads to you being face down in the dirt, or upside down on the luge track, because you didn’t figure it out. Apparently you needed just that little extra bit for greater understanding). Sometimes those messages are pretty clear.

Today I realized that I was being sent a message by the universe. (Yeah, I forgot my aluminum foil hat today.) Two things are happening today. The first is today is the first day of my official training program. I awoke to an email from my coach reminding me what I am scheduled to do for exercise today. So nice of his automatic email program to remind me that I have stuff to do for him today. (Wicked awesome training today, hockey! Somehow I conned my coach into believing that hockey, as I play it, is valuable exercise! Ha!) That email also reminded me that tomorrow is not quite as nice or fun. Its testing day. Intervals to set my training zones based on heart rate. That should be fun.

The rest of the week is also planned. There will be aerobic activities, there will be weight training, there will even be a rest day. I’m sure there will be stories from all of this. (I really hope so or writing is going to be really difficult.)

But why do I say there is a confluence?

A confluence is a coming together of people or things or events. Today also happens to be the first day of registration for the Wilmington Whiteface 100k. It is my number two race next summer. And as of 7:45 am I am officially registered. I am psyched to do this race again. It was a blast last year. I should be in much better condition/shape to do the ride this year. I haven’t really talked about my goals for this race. Last year I finished in 7:04 last year (really that was more like 6:58, cause I stopped to help a woman who crashed on a single track). My goal this year is 6:15. That is a 45 minute (11%) reduction in time.

Dear Universe: I hear you. Game on. (BTW. Please cancel today’s crash or fall into the boards, really I got the confluence memo. Thnks. dgb)


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