An open letter to my fingers…..

Dear Fingers,

You are an amazing thing. You do so much for me. You let me type (like right now). You let me grab things. You let me brake and shift when I am biking. You can’t help with braking when I luge, but you do help me steer. Yup you are pretty cool.

But today you did something bad, and we need to talk.

Yes when I was having lunch today you did what you were asked. You moved the mouse, typed, and got me to cool things like the Fat Cyclist blog. You got me over to Chris’ blog, which meant I was near the Pavement’s Edge. You helped me to relax a little while at work. But as my mind drifted off you did something bad.

See when my mind came back to my office I found you had typed something into Google, and then you had the search results up. What did you type? Come on you know. You typed New England Endurance Series. And there it was. The New England endurance mountain bike races. Three of them: The Carrabasset Backcountry Cycle Challenge, the Hampshire 100, and the Peak Mountain Bike Race.

Yes, there are some super fun races here close to home. Races that offer a chance for a real endurance test. And a series? Whoa! It’s almost like a league. They look like a blast.

But seriously, next summer is already full. We already have 3 races on the calendar. We have our eyes set on a belt buckle. We have a plan. You are part of that plan. I expect we will need your expert braking ability several times in Leadville. We are a team. And I need you to be a team player right now.

We will get to those races, but not next year. Focus, baby focus! Laser like focus.



The Rest of Me

PS. In your typing you forgot The Wilderness 101…..We are going to get there too, eventually. Fatty is right, there are so many fun events out there. Sigh….


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