This post has been harder than I thought to write. I have started and stopped and deleted and restarted a couple of times. It just didn’t sound right. So I am just going to lay this out. This year my special “I am Thankful” thought goes to the uniformed men and women who serve to defend and protect us.

Yeah, that one is easy right? We are all thankful for them…..burp….pass the turkey.

But stop and think for a little bit. Really think about what this means this year. I have a friend who’s son was deployed this year to Afghanistan. He is living in a world where people are trying to kill him, and his job is to kill other people. That’s a whole different set of rules than most of us have to deal with.

A bad day for me? Grading exams or bouncing off walls on a luge sled. A bad day in Afghanistan? A whole different ball game.

I have a great life. My family (for all its quirks) is awesome. I have great friends. I have a good job that allows me to do things I love professionally. It pays me enough that I can do the things I want to (for the most part). I worked hard, and continue to work hard, to be where I am, but I am thankful for all that I have.

This holiday remember to enjoy your friends and family. Experience them, be with them, love them. Along the way keep the people in mind who are away from their families, the people who are out there protecting us. Take at least a moment to really consider what they are doing and how important it is. Then I challenge you to do something tangible to support them.

Seth, Thank You for putting your butt on the line for us. Stay safe…….


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