Before I get into the meat of today’s post, you might have noticed that this weeks edition of Monday Morning Slider did not happen. There was no sliding this weekend. And no, it wasn’t because I didn’t slide for some reason (like I was hurt, or chicken). We didn’t have any sliding. We are back on the schedule this weekend. Its a perfect way to end Final’s Week.

There were a couple more pictures posted from Masters that I wanted to share. First the forerunner (this is the person who gets to go down the track before the competitors to make sure all the timing stuff is working. It’s considered an honor to do that for a race.) This year’s Master’s Forerunner was one Bailey Bohl. He finished both his runs šŸ˜‰


I ended up with hugs from my friends…..

2013_USLA_Masters_LP_259 2013_USLA_Masters_LP_287

Coincidentally both of these people finished second in their respective divisions. Jeff, was the defending national champion. He had a very tough road to travel seeing as how we had Luge God Duncan Kennedy in our division. Second was a good result in our group. The other person is Jenny who started sliding the same time I did. She actually beat someone who had been on a junior team as a kid. Not only that but Jenny used a racing sled the weekend of Masters for the first time. She took to it like, well peanut butter takes to chocolate. It was just something that was right.

OK. Today’s (short) post is really about hockey. I have a regular Monday evening hockey game that I play in. It’s, as with many of the things I do, has an interesting story. Our group plays no contact and has a mix of abilities (some played for a long time, some played in college, some started a couple of years ago as old people). Ages run from early 20’s to about 60’s. For the past couple of years I have been a relatively easy mark in the game. I’m slow, not good with the puck, not really good with out the puck, not good with my stick, etc. It’s OK because we are really out there to have fun, get some exercise, and enjoy the fact that we get an awesome time (Monday evenings) on a great sheet of ice (Div. 1 college great) at a ridiculously low rate (its about $100 for 14ish weeks of hockey).

I have felt much better about my hockey play this year. I am getting better about being in the right position. I think this is most noticeable when I am on defense (where I actually feel like I may in fact be doing something useful now. Used to be my “D” stood for desperation.). I actually have a chance of getting the puck away from someone on the other team. I’m not as fast skating when I have the puck, but that stupid little black thing never seems to be doing what I need it to do when I skate with it. I am getting better there too.

It’s hard to tell if I am benefiting from my training program on my bike, but I think it is definitely showing up in my hockey. I’m faster. I can skate harder and longer. Now if I could learn to skate with my head up, things would be much much better.


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