I was cooking dinner the other day when I heard a yell from the living room. “No no! You are not allowed to think about this until Leadville is finished next summer.” Coreen intercepted my mail. She found something that, on most days, since I get home first, I would have safely moved out of mail. But there I was busted.

This story actually starts last summer:

“I’m going to do something hard on my bike, something epic.”

“You are going to do Tour Divide aren’t you.”

“No, that would be crazy. I’m going to race Leadville.”

So what is crazier than racing in Leadville? Well funny thing, quite a lot actually. But what is important here are the two words: Tour Divide.

Tour Divide is an underground mountain bike race. It goes from Banff AB to Antelope Wells NM along the continental divide. Yes boys and girls, if you are keeping score, that’s a trans American mountain bike race that goes along the steepest mountains in the lower 48. Pretty crazy. And while they did make a movie about it, and it has grown men crying, there was no grown men throwing up in the movie and so it was easy to pick Leadville over Tour Divide.

OK, back up. Your babbling Doug. Get to the point. (Thanks voice, now shut up).

I own the movie and a couple of weeks ago, while I was on my trainer inside, I popped the movie into the DVD player and watched. And a couple of things happened. First, the sound track to the move is totally fantastic. If you go over to Chris’s Blog and scroll to the bottom you can listen to the music. Then you can go over to iTunes and buy it. (Hope the big move is going well Chris!) The second thing that happened was I was filled with a total sense of rightness. I cannot really describe it as anything else. I mean how can you argue with this..


or this….


I want to do a transcontinental bike ride. I want to see the country that way. I realized, and it wasn’t an epiphany, it was just a quiet sense of understanding, that I wanted to ride this course. Turns out Coreen was right last year.

So why was she all mad at me? Tour Divide was started by the people at the Adventure Cycling Association. They have a fantastic web site (go look) on which you can sign up for a free information packet. Which I did. Which was mailed to my house. Which was intercepted by my super awesome, loving, understanding, patient, fun, beautiful wife.


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