For the life of me, there is one thing I cannot understand. Yeah OK, there are lots of things I don’t understand, but as with many of the posts I write this lack of understanding focuses on one thing: Why do people who hate winter and snow live way up north?

I love winter. I love snow. This is hands down one of my favorite days: 25F, Sunny, no wind. I could spend all day outside in conditions like that.

Last winter, well we didn’t really have a winter. And it was lame.

This fall I’ve gotten a lot of riding in. The weather has been cool but not cold. We haven’t had any real snow. Good for my Leadville training, bad for the love of winter. It was so bad it was looking like we were going to have a brown Christmas this year.

Then last Friday a wonderful thing happened. The rain storm we were supposed to get, well it was a snow storm. The forecasters totally missed the mark. We got about 4″ of snow. It was heavy and wet, but it was snow. Looking at the forecast, a white Christmas was assured. On Christmas day we had more snow. How could you not like that?

Then Thursday came. The forecast snow depths got deeper and deeper. The day before the storm we were up to 12-16″ of snow forecast. We woke up in the morning to this:


We got 16″+  by the time it finished. Even the dog, was excited….


It’s not all good. My sister-in-law is coming up from Texas for a visit. Her flight was cancelled and she was delayed a day. My mother-in-law was supposed to come up too and she was forced to turn around an head home. My outdoor bike riding season has closed out for a little while. But on the flip side, today’s Leadville training was this:


An absolutely perfect, powder day on the slopes. So yeah, I love winter. Even if it means I have to bike inside on a trainer for a couple of weeks. Even if it means travel is a bit a of mess sometimes. I wouldn’t give it up.

(Oh, and if you don’t like winter, please don’t live where there is winter.)


2 thoughts on “Winter

  1. Lived in Chicago/Midwest my whole life so far. We have winter. Every year, I hate it. Every year, I am surprised by the cold and snow, and sometimes take personal offense that the weather decided to assault me so.

    So why stay? (Well, right now we’re temporarily in Michigan, but will be moving back to Chicago). Well, because we love the city. Not just being in a city. We love THIS city.

    But yes. I get the glares from people. “Just shut up and move to Florida” they say with their glaring eyes.

    Yea, well, Florida doesn’t have deep dish pizza, so…yea. Chicago it is.


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