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Today I uploaded the remainder of my gps tracks for the year to my computer……

This is where the year ended up for 2012:

4700 miles on my bike outside (including 1700 miles on my mtb). That worked out to 304 hours of biking (12.6 days on my bike)  and  a total ascent of 126,000 feet on my bike (Luckily I got to go down that far too, or I would be very high indeed right now). All of those are records.

I road at least once outside each month this year. That was one of my biking goals for 2012.

Turns out I ran 126 miles (which took me 24 hours out of my life) too. Go figure.

Those were the easy to measure metrics. How about some softer ones?

I discovered this year that I can no longer easily answer the question: “If you only had one kind of bike, what kind would it be?” I found my inner mountain biker. I love being off road, in the woods, in nature away from people (and cars!). In some ways its more active biking. You are looking, turning, adjusting constantly. Road biking is more meditative. I still like road biking, but……

I won my first race on a luge sled. Yes, someone better than me crashed so that I could do that. But I didn’t crash. I slid two complete runs to the bottom and they were faster than every one else. I was THE fastest on that day.

I got my first official concussion. I remember being on my sled, seeing I was in trouble, and then experiencing said trouble. Having a concussion was a freaky weird experience that I cannot recommend.

I did my first endo. My concentration wandered and my front wheel hit a rock. I landed straight on my nose and jaw. Filled my face with dirt, rocks and blood. Got to ride out of the woods, past a whole lot of people I work with and teach. No lasting damage to me or my bike.

I did my first “complete” wheelie, over rotating myself into the ground. I had to be driven to the hospital where I made many many people smile that day with my antics. No lasting damage there (except to my pride).

I got two tattoo’s because of my bike. One by accident, one not.

I raced my first bike race ever. I placed in the middle of the pack. Rebecca Rush kicked my tail. But given that almost 25% of the people dropped out of the race, I was happy. It was the longest mtb ride I ever took, and it was the longest time have I ever spent on any bike, ever.  (And, perhaps most importantly, I got into Leadville because of that race.)

I raced my second bike race of my life and finished 8th over all and 2nd in my division. (My prize for that ride was $15 in ice cream. How can you go wrong there?)

Oh, and non-biking related…but still incredibly important….I received tenure. Which means I get to keep my job, and unless I do something really egregious, I get to stay until when/if I want to leave. That’s the result of a lot of work over a lot of years. (Pat myself on the back 😉)

Yeah it was a fun year.

Can’t wait to see what this year brings. The competitive biking season starts out in April (dang that feels close). Then its a short 8 weeks to the race in Wilmington. And then a short 8 weeks after that till Leadville. It feels like it is just around the corner and I should be packing my stuff to go.


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