Traveling and Training

This week I am in DC for work. I left on Tuesday and will, assuming the weather is OK, get back home tomorrow. This then is my first adventure in training while traveling. Yeah, I have worked out while I have been on the road. And yeah I usually bring a bike with me when we go somewhere so I can ride. But this is the first time I had structured things to do while I was away.

The problem is that I am in a city, and I flew. Why is the city the problem? I’m not really interested in finding a way to run outside in a city. That just seems like an exercise in frustration to me. And since I flew, no bike for me. So I am left with the hotel “fitness center”. I did a little electronic recon work before I came and found out that the hotel I am staying at had free weights. That’s a pretty good indication of something a little better than a closet with a treadmill. In fact when I got here this is what I found:


Pretty nice. Certainly not your old time hotel “fitness center”. In the corner I even found one of these:


Yeah. Not my bike, but way way better than a crappy fitness bike.

And so my training has been pretty much uninterrupted on this trip anyway. I spent two hours down there on Wednesday and today (Friday). It was a lifting and running day. And 45 minutes yesterday on the spin bike.

This morning I walked into the gym all kitted out in my Neapolitan FC kit and someone was on the spin bike. She looked at me and said: “Oh, we better get another one of these out, I’m going to be on it for a while.” “No worries, today is strength and running. Have fun.” She was on the spin bike for over an hour.

This leads to the final thought for the day. If bikers look a little ridiculous out in public wearing their kits, holy cow, in a hotel? Good thing I was fit out in a kit that shows I am comfortable with myself, strong of personality, dashing in pink, and deadly fast on a bike!


Yep. A true sight walking through the hotel lobby I must say. šŸ˜‰


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