January Thaw

Its been brown up here all fall. But right around Christmas time we got dumped on. 4 or so inches before Christmas. Enough to make it a true white Christmas. Then a couple of days after Christmas we had about 2 ft of snow. That was followed by a couple of inches each day for a few days. When all was said and done, we had about 3 ft total. Biking outside closed out. The temps were low and the dirt road around my house was an ice road. So it was inside bike training time.

Then this week we had our January thaw. It was warm. Not just warm, it was toasty hot for our parts (over 50). I was unfortunately away on travel. You know, in DC working out in a hotel gym. When I got home on Saturday it was too late to ride. I was determined to ride outside on Sunday. The only problem? Well we were forecast for  rain all day.

I woke up to sun coming in my window. Yes! Bike clothes on. Dog fed and “releaved”. Out to the bike. Oh no, now its raining. Not too too bad. Humm. Yeah we are a go! And so off I went.

The roads that had been ice packed dirt a couple of days ago were now mud quagmires. The rain? Well, I was getting a lot wetter from the mud spray, no harm there. My route was one of my typical short loops. The route is totally boring.

But, I got a little bit of sprinting in (for my coach) and a little bit of hills in (for me). As well as some sprinting up hill (for both of us). The hose had thawed out and so I was able to wash down then dry Worm.

Just what the doctor ordered. Today we return to winter.


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