Lance and Oprah

Tomorrow is the long awaited “Oprah’s interview with Lance”. (And apparently Oprah is going to make extra hay by dragging it out over 2 days. If you got something hot, ride it till it drops, right?)

Yeah, I am going to watch it. It’s kind of like when you have a sore in your mouth, and you have to keep touching it.

What do I think? Simple, it doesn’t matter what he says.

What matters is what he does. Through this whole affair Lance has had a scorched earth policy. If you dared cross him, you got hammered. He went after you and he went after you hard. He ruined lives. If Lance wants to make this right, he needs to make amends to the people he has wronged. Period.

(Oh, and he needs to rat out the people at UCI who were in on it.)


One thought on “Lance and Oprah

  1. I love LiveStrong Lance. I could tolerate PED Lance. But I despise bully Lance. Totally with you on his doing what he can to make right on the latter. That starts–but doesn’t end–with public apologies.

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