This week has been a downer bummer slow one for me. I’ve had a little cold. Nothing really bad. And I know that. I know of friends and other people who have had the real honest to goodness flu and been struck down by that. Nope. Totally understand on the spectrum of things to go wrong this barely rates. Just a simple cold. Stuffy head. Little bit of a headache. Cough.Tired.

But its been enough to make mess up my training schedule. And so for the first time since I started in with a coach, I didn’t do what was asked. We did talk about what was going on and he said I should back off, and more if I thought I had anything more than a simple cold he wanted me to do nothing. So I slowed down and did what I could this week. 35 minute 5k this morning. (Glad I didn’t have my GPS going to record that one. Wonder what Strava would say about that.) Oh well. Back at it next week.

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