Sleep Interrupted

I’m sound asleep when I hear “Doug wake up, we have a problem.” Huh?


Hum. Yup, That’s not right. What you are looking at is inches of water coming out of my my closet into my bedroom. At 3 am Monday morning we had a pipe burst. Coreen and I spent the next 10 hours cleaning with a shop vac. Well first we had to get all of the important things off the floor. Then we had to figure out how to stop the water (finally I went all out and just cut off all water to the house, at 3am problem solving is rough). Then we could start vacuuming up the water.

When the water finally stopped flowing into our finished basement it looked like this:


We called the insurance company and the professional remediation team came. Now we have industrial fans and dehumidifiers all over the place. Our house is a mess. We are sleeping in the living room.

My pain cave has been disrupted…


But the living room is now multifunctional!


Training must go on!

(I really want my bedroom back)

4 thoughts on “Sleep Interrupted

  1. UHG! We had issues with water coming in the house during the hurricane last year, thankfully the damage wasn’t as bad as yours, but we did spend $17k on a new roof (and insurance only gave us 4), so I still feel your pain.

  2. We should be back in our bedroom by this weekend. The basement will take a little time, but we don’t need it right away. So in the end, it could have been worse. We could have slept all the way through the night.

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