An Open Letter to My Coach

Dear Drew,

Hey first thing, I’m having a blast. It’s been fun doing the training. I feel strong. Can’t wait to get some longer riding in when the weather clears up a little bit. Only 6 months to Leadville!

I do however have to apologize a little bit. I know that this week is a “recovery week”. Yup, I saw the message on Monday that said: “Take it easy and stick to the plan as close as possible even if you are feeling great”. I was all set to do that. Then something happened.

Well, it was 60 degrees out yesterday. 60 degrees on January 30! I know you are a Florida guy, so let me put this into perspective for you. Imaging if it was mid July and you looked at the weather forecast and instead of a high of 95 you saw one day where the high would be 75 degrees. Just imaging how nice that would sound. You wold go out and ride as much as you could, just because it would be totally awesome. Even if it was a recovery week.

So that is what I was confronted with. I did my weight training and I did my running (inside because I had to). Then somehow I managed to get out of work with some daylight left. It was 60 outside. That’s about 40 degrees higher than it should be. And I did what you asked. I stuck to the plan as close as possible. Which of course meant I went for a bike ride, because, well I just had too.

Now before you go and get mad at me here are a couple of things to keep in mind: 1. I was sick last week. So really last week was a “recovery” week, since I was recovering from a cold, right? 2. I didn’t bike hard or fast. I just got onto my bike and peddled around the block. Kicked some mud up and got dirty. 3. I had fun. Which is what this is really about right?

Ok. I’m willing to let this one slide. And since I am not sending this to you directly (you would somehow have to get lucky on a google search to find this!) I am going to say you agree with me.





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