The Gym

I had a thought this morning while I was at the gym. And no it wasn’t anything along the lines of “woe is me” or “I’m tired” or “this sucks”. My thought was that the gym is a strange place that people gather for the same purpose but with so many different reasons. Probably as many reasons as there are people there.

My gym is filled with a cast of characters. Probably like any other gym out there. There is a group of guys who lift, but don’t really look like they participate in other, um, fitness, activities. I wonder about their motivation for being there. Do they have some goal they are working towards?  There is a small guy who works out with a group of larger guys. Is he trying to get bigger so that he can be like them? Is it a social thing to be with friends? Is he working towards some personal goal? Did he start for those reasons and find something that he really liked? There are the ROTC cadets. It was pretty clear why they are working out today…..they have a PT test they need to pass. 😉 Is there more to their story? Do they see this as really important to their future careers. There are the team athletes. Mostly women from soccer and volleyball teams. Getting fit for their sport. But do they really care about working out? Some look like they do, they teach and coach their teammates. Do they want to be coaches? Do they just really love exercising? Are they just that committed to their sport?  Some not so much. The volleyball women this morning looked really unhappy about being there with their list of things to do. Was it just a bad day or do they not like this part of their sport? Would they do this even if they were not on a team? There are the assorted faculty and staff who come and work out. Mostly they come by themselves and do their own thing. Why are they there at 6 am? There is the trainer who works with various people out there. What does she think when she watches them?

I look out and wonder what their personal motivation is for being there. Do they wonder why Prof. Bohl is there? (Yes, some are my students.) Would they think this is a ridiculous amount of time to be putting in getting ready for a 10 hour bike race? Would they be impressed? Would they just shrug their shoulders and go back to their own little world?

(OK. Back to work…….)


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