I get tired of riding inside. So the typical cold climate dilemma pops up, frequently: ride inside or go out side. Its not so much the cold (OK when it is -22F it IS about the cold), but more the ice. I really have do desire to lay my bike down.

We have had some warm days where the ice on the dirt roads around my house has melted. THAT leaves a wonderful layer of goo that’s about 2″ thick to ride through. Its great for a workout but it really gums up a bike.

Worm really likes dirt (worms live in dirt you know) and so the trips outside on the melting dirt road have been right up Worm’s alley. The problem is that it is really hard to hose your bike off when it is 15F. Which means the dirt tends to accumulate. Worm and I got out on Thursday. I knew I was in trouble before I even got going. All that dirt from our last outside ride was still there.

We got about 40 minutes into our scheduled 1:30 ride and the drive train was pretty much done, so I limped home.

Today was a rest day so I thought it was time for Worm to have some TLC. The basement is still a mess after the flood and I figured I couldn’t make it any worse. I moved my workshop inside and started to clean.

Here is the before:


How ’bout a close-up of the drive train you ask? OK here you go…


Apart came the bike. Off came the chain. Rear derailleur cleaned.


(Did you catch all the dirt on the tarp? That’s a good fraction of the road in front of my house šŸ˜‰) Back wheel off, cleaned and trued. Front wheel off, cleaned and trued:


I cleaned and lubed all of the cables. Tuned the drive train. Three hours later Worm was ready to rock and roll.


A day of rest for me, and some TLC for Worm. Ready to ride!


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