Winter Wonderland

Its a Winter Wonderland outside in my neck of the woods right now. We are stuck in a disturbed weather pattern. Its snowing and raining and sleeting off and on. See look….


I know that the groundhog said that spring would come early, but I’m not convinced. Nope. I actually have this “its going to be cold and wet” feeling about the upcoming spring. And boy is that exciting! (You should read that last sentence with your sarcastic voice. Go back and try it, I’ll wait. OK ready to move on?) While I really love winter, I looked at my training schedule for the next two months. And you know what? (This might be shocking, so you better sit down) I’m going to be riding a lot. Yup. Today 1:00, tomorrow 2:30, Sunday 1:40. Next week it even longer. I’m really hoping that the weather breaks just a little bit, I’m running out of movies!

On the bright side, this weekend is a luge weekend. Time to prep for the culmination of the season in the ADK Luge Club Annual Spring Race. Going for the gold.


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