Increased Volume

Dear Diary,

Last week I began a more serious phase of my Leadville Training. It’s time to start biking longer. Drew and I are keeping the intensity about the same but increasing the time. The idea is to get my body used to riding longer. So my week ended with:

Friday: 1:20 with single leg intervals (riding with only one leg peddling)

Saturday: 2:30 Endurance Ride (basically a moderate intensity long ride)

Sunday: 1:40 Short Force Intervals

The first two are pretty easy to understand. But what, dear diary is a short force interval? Well the directions were: find the steepest hill that takes 30-45 second to climb, put yourself into a gear that will require about 50-60 RMP to peddle. Repeat 15-20 times. What does that look like?  Here…


How far did I go? Well 20 miles. But I really didn’t go anywhere….


Look at all those arrows in the middle of the track. That’s the hill.

My neighbor must think I am crazy. The first time I went past his house he waved and said hi. The second time he just looked. The third time, I told him I was going to be doing this for a while. He kind of just shook his head and walked away.

I felt good after my rides. Nice to know. But Diary, hockey Monday night was a little over the edge. Last week we had WAY to many people and so this week we extended the time (just to make sure we got enough skating in). Well, this week we didn’t have enough people. So we got to skate, a lot, for an extra long time. I was pretty much spent at the end of the game.

Anyway I feel pretty good. We shall see how this week goes. I’ll let you know.


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