One Week

My new training schedule is a Wednesday to Tuesday cycle. I consider Tuesday the end of the week because because that is my day off, my day of rest. The day when I am forbidden to do any exercise.

Last week was a busy one. Up goes the volume. The preview was two weeks ago. That week was special because I set a record on my trainer. 2:30 in one sitting.

This week the weather was looking, well, awesome. I knew it was going to be warm over the weekend and so I fully expected to get my training in outside. And well….It was great to be outside. Lets just see how this one played out OK?


4 minute all out intervals. These are not fun. One of the really difficult things on these is that it is hard to find 4 minutes worth of road that you can really crank on. I did OK.


Thursday: Weights and Running

35 minutes of running. Somehow I escaped the pit of doom in the middle of the run.


Friday (the real fun begins):

1:20 of riding. With 5 30 second sprints. I did the sprints early in the ride to get them out of the way 🙂



3:00 Endurance ride. The goal here was to ride a constant tempo in Zones 2-3 (sort of a medium paced effort). This was my first “long” ride of the year. I felt really good. I probably felt a little too “good” at the beginning. I definitely slowed the last 20 minutes or so. But I also had some tremendous moments on that ride.



Long Force Intervals

1:40 This one was 4 intervals of 5 minutes of low RPM cranking.  I was curious to see what was going to happen. I was pretty sure my legs were going to be a little depleted from Saturday. And well I was right. It wasn’t my strongest interval ride. Some of that was needing to find the right stretches of road for the intervals. This is a little trickier than you might think. A chunk of road where you can put a good hard 5 minute grind in is not really all that easy to find. I think I have some ideas where I can do them now. (Some of it was just being tired. I did my best.)



Weights and 30 minutes of cross training

After yesterday I figured I was in for a sufferfest running. My legs were unhappy when I started out. But as I got into the run they seamed to work themselves out a little bit and I ended up feeling better at the end of the run than I did at the beginning. My pace was actually faster than it was way back last Thursday, at the start of the week. Go figure.


And so this week is in the books. My first week biking outside, putting in over 100 miles total this year. It was a pleasure to be outside all week.

Could I do Leadville tomorrow? Nope probably not. Could I do the Wilmington Whiteface 100 tomorrow? I think I could get to the end. Not quickly, but I could get there. Could I do Battenkill tomorrow? You bet. And I could probably go strong the whole way.

So I am right where I should be.


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