The Perfect Climb

A lot of people who participate in some activity search for the perfect something. The perfect wave in surfing or the perfect run in luge. (Note: If I ever get that run, I may just quit right then and there. No worries it won’t happen.)

For me in biking that perfect moment comes on climbs. I’m not a super great climber. I’m getting better. But I’m never going to turn around and give “The Look” (Well unless I am looking back at my 10 year old to see where he is.) On Saturday I had that near perfect moment on a climb.

There are a couple of things that need to come together to get the perfect moment on a climb. The grade needs to be just right. For me that’s right about 4-5%. It needs to come in the right part of the ride. Too early and you are not warmed up properly. Too late and you have used up too much of your legs. And you need to be feeling good.

On Saturday about an hour into my three hour ride I had that moment. The road is called Pumpkin Hill Road (BTW, around here you should pay attention to anything called Something Hill Road.) Its a long (a couple of miles), not real steep but steep enough.

I hit that section of my ride and I was feeling good. I was warmed up and had strong legs. The grade went up and I started to spin my peddles.

And in the perfect climbing moment I all of a sudden realized that I could go much faster than I was currently going. That I accelerated and the bike jumped.

In that moment I feel like a bike rider.


3 thoughts on “The Perfect Climb

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