Nothing too too deep today. My oldest son Bailey got a new bike last weekend. Well its a used bike we bought off of Pink Bike. They have a nice, big, searchable, classifieds section. We had been looking for a bike for him for about 6 months and finally pulled the trigger on one last week. It is a Gary Fisher Piranah. Nice little bike. A step above entry level. Some upgraded components. It should serve him well. He wants to get ride some trails this summer. He has made some noise about wanting to do downhill racing. I want him to learn how to RIDE a mountain bike first. Patience Grasshopper!

We spent a couple of evenings getting the bike cleaned up and tuned for the season. Truing wheels, lubing the chain, adjusting gears etc. Well one thing lead to another and pretty soon my youngest son, Noah (Noah of Columbine fame, Noah of Race With the Wind Fame, Noah who got a new bike right before the weather closed out, Noah who stood over me and asked if I was hurt when I crashed in the driveway), decided that his bike needed to get some attention too. It is a funny thing. Noah has not been in a rush to get on his bike (still lots of snow on the ground). But as soon as Bailey got his bike, and started talking about riding, Noah got going. I think Noah feels a little like the real biker of the brothers. And so he was going to stake out his claim. (Noah and I have been talking about his race season again. He wants to go back and do the Race With the Wind again. We have a plan to get him strong.)

Anyway pretty soon, it got a little out of hand and I had a bike shop set-up in the basement.


How many bikes do you count? Noah’s Trek is on the stand. Bailey’s Gary Fisher is the blue bike on the left. Worm, my Ti ride is on the right. And hiding in the family room under a towel is Truck on my trainer (you can just make out his wheels).

That’s an awesome sight! Of course since then its been snowing again. I’m not too worried. Its going to warm up. Right? Please?


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