Two weeks ago I rode my first longer ride of the season. It was a great ride. I felt good and strong. Yesterday’s training plan called for another 3 hour ride. Since I really like the route I took two weeks ago I decided to repeat it. And, well, it was a grind.

Have you ever had one of those rides or runs where things just don’t seam to go right? Where it is a struggle from the start? Well that was my ride yesterday. It was a little windy. The wind was a headwind at the start. (Actually it felt like a head wind the entire ride, you know how those rides feel.) It was colder, and my feet got cold really quickly in the ride. It was a slog a the start. It was a slog through the middle. And it was a slog to the end.

10 minutes off my pace from the previous week. Sigh.

I didn’t feel like my legs were dead. I could have biked a very very long way yesterday. I was just slow.

Today is a new day. Weights and a short run. Then off tomorrow. Then back at it. We are in Connecticut next weekend for Easter. It will be a little warmer, and the roads will be different. I’m looking forward to it.

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