Fighting Words

Its “Advising Week” at work. That’s the week were I am supposed to sit down with all of the students I advise and talk about what classes they should take next term. Today a very very strange thing happened.

One of my students came into my office (he was nice enough to not only show up for his appointment but to do so on time!) and sat down. The first words out of his mouth were: “I am going to destroy your STRAVA records this spring.”

Them’s bold words son.

1.You are in my office.

2. You are in civilian clothes, not getting ready for a bike ride.

3. You don’t what I am doing or really what I am capable of (bike wise, this is friendly after all)

4. You better remember that you still have to take my class (OK maybe not so friendly ;))


Game on. (Now if I could just find my road bike. I seam to have misplaced it with all of the MTB’ing going on.)


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