The Tour of the Battenkill ended the “winter” portion of my Leadville training. Monday it was time to check in with Coach Drew again.

“OK so tell me how the race went……” (In case you missed it, the race went like this.)

We talked about the good things and bad things that happened. What I could do better, what I did pretty good. We talked about how this was not the prize and we were not preparing for this race. Then we talked about the races that we were preparing for.

I am 9 weeks out from the Willmington Whiteface 100k. Its time to focus, ride long and get fast at long distances. This:


marks the end of my running (for now anyway). That was my training run from yesterday. 4.2 miles and a 8.9 minute/mile pace. Not too bad for someone who doesn’t really like to run. The dog is probably going to be the saddest about this. Its also going to be time to put the weights away.

The counter intuitive thing about training for something specific is that you need to get specific in the training. OK maybe that doesn’t sound counter intuitive. But here consider this. In terms of general longevity, healthy living, etc. focusing on bike fitness is not the best way to go. Its too limited. In terms of surviving Leadville, general fitness is not the way to go. Its too general (yes that helps, but only to a point).  Training at this point is not about general overall fitness. Its about bike fitness. Time to put the time and effort into the bike.

Rumor has it the next two weeks are going to be tough….


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