Set Backs

Life is rarely a linear process.It almost never happens that you even proceed on a journey is a orderly fashion. And so it is with my trip to Colorado for Leadville next summer.

Last week I rode in the Tour of the Battenkill. The story is there to be read. What isn’t in that story is that my right knee was sore after that ride. Somewhere in the middle it started to hurt. Not an unbearable hurt, but more than a dull ache. Now being a red blooded male unless there is bone sticking out and blood gushing there is no reason to go see a doctor. And well it got better in a day or so. I rocked out two good runs and two hard rides last week and felt great going into the weekend’s riding.

Saturday I had a 3.5 hour moderate tempo ride scheduled. That ride was interesting. I mapped out a new ride that included a detour to the local “big hill” and then went back onto my usual “long route” I have been riding. I added a couple of other detours in case I had time. The weather was bad. Well, not bad, REALLY bad. Winds about 25 mph steady. Rain? Nope no rain. There was only a 10% chance of precipitation in the forecast. Nope. It snowed. It snowed so hard the snow accumulated on me while I was riding. It snowed so hard I had to put my sun glasses on so that I could see instead of having sharp stinging things flying into my eyes.

Then to top it off, my knee started hurting again. When I got home it was sore. Sunday it was still sore. I tried to do my ride, but couldn’t push as hard as I wanted to. Probably pushed harder than I should have.

Pretty sure it patella related.

Pretty bummed out because that knee has never had any issues before.

Chomping at the bit because waiting and resting are not my strong suits (stupid universe, I don’t want your lessons!)

Sad because its finally warm, sunny and no wind and all I want to do is go outside and ride.

Irritated because I finally give in to ask a medical professional for some help, and she is on VACATION. Seriously?

Anyway, I am solution oriented. So here is my plan:

1. Bike fit check. I had my road bike fit a couple of years ago. I have never had my mtb fit. I did some measurements and there are a couple of things that are vastly different. Time to make sure they are OK. Also time to make sure my arches are behaving properly.

2. Work some back door magic to get another doctor to give me a referral for PT, ASAP. Just tape me up and send me back in doc…..(its actually startling how easy it would be to get into that thought process. Somewhere half way through my ride yesterday I thought that if this wasn’t going to result in permanent injury…well anyway).

3. Rrrr…..rrres……..rrrressst. Ugh. There I said it. OK leave me alone.


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