In general I would classify myself as a problem solver. I am a “identify the problem and work your ass off solving it” kind of person. As Dr. Phil would say I am “solutions oriented”. That works for me most of the time. It is however a real issue when the solution to the problem is inaction rather than action. (Yeah I know, inaction is action. I have a hard time philosophically with that one.)

That of course is front an center right now with my knee. Today’s scheduled workout has two parts: 1. RICE 2. 1:00 Easy ride. If it hurts, stop.

For those of you unfamiliar with RICE it is; Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. Plus a healthy dose of NSAID’s (non-Steroidal Anti Inflamitories).  ( I wonder if I could get some SAID’s from Lance….Humm)

Today’s workout should have read something like: 2:30 Warm up for 20-30 minutes, Tempo  zone 3 for 40 minutes, follow with 2x descending intervals, finish zone 1-2.  (OK I just made that up, but this week should have been a very very hard week on the bike. I should have been crying for my mom by the end of the week.)

And so in many ways this week is the most challenging week I have had in my training to date. It’s hard to stay up and positive when I feel like important training time is slipping away, or that I won’t be properly placed to go for my goals, or that my knees just won’t get better.

I’m working the plan I have.

I saw the doctor yesterday (not my normal medical professional, she was on vacation, boo!). I had a 40 minute wait, for a 3 minute exam, in which I used 2 minutes to get across the fact that I hurt myself on a bike not a cycle. The outcome was a referral to a PT (which I self prescribed that already, and made an appointment for before I got the needed referral). I see her next Tuesday. Today I have my bike in my car and we are going to check the fit to hopefully fix whatever is wrong geometrically with my set-up that is causing my knee issue.

This morning I iced and took advil. Repeat at lunch time. Then at bed time.

The plan I really want to follow is more like something from Rocky:

“Cut me Mick..”-Rocky “You don’t wanna do it kid!”-Mick “Cut me.”-Rocky

Only for me its more like: “Just tape the dang knee and get me back on my bike…..”


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