I’m so blue. I had a choice but I chose to be blue…….See….


Yesterday was PT day. And it was good. The PT worked my leg over pretty good and well it looks like there is no real damage. Strength good, stability good, no permanent pain. All good things. What she thinks is going on is that I have a tracking issue. See your knee cap is supposed to sit in a groove and move. She thinks mine is hitting to the side. The shoe issue is likely what was causing that problem. So we have a nice consistent story to explain what happened. What’s the fix?

Well the tape will put some restriction on how the knee cap moves and so that will help it track properly. Then we have exercises to strengthen the muscles that hold the knee together. Those sound like they should be easy. Step up then down 15x’s. Two set each side. Do it forward then sideways. Really though that’s not as easy as you might think. I started with 8″ steps last night went to the 6″ steps this morning. Add to that wall slides and you have the strengthening part of my routine. Stretches for hamstrings, quads, and IT band. Then ice. See Coach Drew, I am being good:


About the worst part of the visit was looking at IT band issues. After she messed with my right leg to test flexibility, she checked my left side. Wanted to see how even I was. When she started probing with her fingers into my IT band region on the left side, yikes I almost hit the ceiling. (BTW. What is it with PT’s and the need to drive thumbs into soft tissue?) “Was that sensitive?” She asked calmly. “Yes.” I said when the room stopped swimming. (OK that’s an exaggeration. I’m not sure I got yes all the way out :)) “You are alot tighter on the left side.” Add the IT band stretches to the mix.

I go back to the PT on Friday.

The biking plan? Go easy and get this under control. Every other day through the weekend. Figure out where we are next week. Go from there. Whiteface is shaping up to be a mental and physical challenge (i.e. a sufferfest)……. Well,  I got my tape. (I’m going to race in pink.) Game on.

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