Just a quick little update. Saw the PT this morning and shazam….I am no longer blue. Now I am pink. See:


(Wow that’s a handsome…, Ti right? :)) I am so secure in myself that I wore my pink FC jersey AND had pink tape put on today. Coreen assured me that pink would work better than blue. If I am still taping come race day, I think I am going to race in pink.

I took a 1:20 ride today. Mostly zone 2 with some 30 second accelerations to zone 3-4. Got a little sore after about 50 minutes (that’s been happening). What I don’t know is what to expect (as far as getting better) and what’s OK (as far as pushing it). So I have a call in to the PT to ask those very questions. Its a frustrating injury. If I have to live with it for a little while, so be it. Just let me know…..Phone rings as I am writing….PT calls. Its going to be achy and sore till we get it sorted out. Could take a few weeks to get it strengthened properly. Like I said, frustrating.

There are good things about that picture and this ride. I feel strong (I just wish I could use that strength). And when I ride I feel better all around. I feel better mentally. How’s that for an interesting paradox. Only 1 thing is remotely sucky when I ride. Everything else is great.

I am also solidly below 170 lbs now (167 to be exact this morning). Watching portions, limiting deserts seems to be working well. I may be able to get to 160 lbs by the Wilmington race. Probably going to need that to help offset what is looking like a lighter training schedule than I had hoped for going into that race.


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