Here is the route map for today’s ride:

Cycling 5-5-2013 route

And today’s elevation profile:

Cycling 5-5-2013, Elevation

Pretty darn boring. But hey look at this:

Cycling 5-5-2013, Elevation HR

Notice anything about that? Here is the story……

I’ve been with the PT for a week. Drew and I have cut my biking down significantly. But this whole injury thing has been frustrating. Today was scheduled for 1:30 temp (zone 2-3). I fort5 about 10 minutes into my ride when my knee started to ache. And like has been happening, its been about a 2-3 out of 10 on the old pain scale. As an aside, I have felt 10/10 (ruptured appendix, I do not recommend that) so I feel like I am well calibrated.

Dana (my PT)  and I talked last week about what level of discomfort it was OK to feel when biking. She said 3 or 4.

45 minutes into my ride I thought about calling it a day. I had all contingency plans running through my head thinking about what to do next about my knee. (Another aside. I was told by Dana that this could take 4 weeks to get better. I’m impatient. I hear a clock ticking. Give me a break!) Then I had a F’it moment. I’ve had my fair share of those moments last winter on my luge sled but this was my first bike moment. “I’m not really at a 3 or 4 pain wise. I’m going to see how hard I can go before I get there.” And off I went.

The speed went up. The heart rate went up. The pain went away. I mean seriously the pain went to a 0, with a periodic 1. I took stock of what was going on. I felt what was going on with my right knee. And I realized that while I was going hard I was concentrating on driving my right toes into the shoe. My knee felt strong and stable. When I stopped driving my toe into my shoe the pain started to go up.

I think that by driving my toe into the shoe I was stabilizing my knee and my form improved.

When I was done my knee tightened up just a little. It certainly wasn’t worse than any other day. And it really felt just stiff.

It was a purposely flat ride. Its wasn’t really challenging. But it was my best ride in about a month. And maybe, just maybe…….

(Afterword: I tend to spend a lot of time in my head. Its not always helpful and I am working on that. Coreen was nice enough to point out that I had been in PT less than a week. And if the PT said 4 weeks, I needed to give it more time before panicking. Coreen keeps me grounded. And even though she doesn’t bike seriously, or ride a luge, I love her dearly :))

Update: knee feels fine (maybe a little better, certainly not worse) this morning. 😀


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