80 Percent

Quick one. I am off to DC for a day (sometimes I have to work with the federal government, and when I do, well it rarely make sense. Hence the one day trip). But before I go…..

This morning’s ride. 2 hours, race pace. Hit all zones. Went hard. Knee was good for 45 minutes, sore for 15 then seemed to get better again.

I score my knee at 80%.

I would definitely say it is improving. Just need to keep up the recovery and be smart about my training. Drew and I have talked and we are going to ease back into it. Whiteface is still a go, but since it is not THE prize this year, it will be sacrificed if need be.

Some have suggested that I ride Whiteface lightly or ride it and bail out part of the way through. I know myself, and know that I cannot do that. Its a bad idea for two reasons.

1. If I line up, I am going hard. Its a race. That’s the way I am.

2. I DO NOT want to get into the mindset that its OK to drop out, of anything, ever. It must never be acceptable or easy to quit on a race.

And so if I am going to use the Whiteface course for training it will not be on race day. It will be a different day. If I feel like I can go, and not risk injury, then I will go. And I will go as hard as I can.

On a side note. I am down to 165 lbs. I think the 150’s are a real possibility. Certainly by Leadville, possible by Whiteface. I feel fantastic. And my knee is starting to get back to where the rest of my body is. In the end this little detour may be a good thing…..


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