Game On

I did something today that I have never done before. I went to a chiropractor. That’s a big step for me. I come from a really traditional family medical wise. Chiropractors were charlatans in my house.

Why did I do that? Couple of reasons. Some of my biking friends suggested it. We have a guy in my town BodyWorks Chiropractic. Everyone I know who has gone there has had good things to say. I knew I was tight in places. I figured, it couldn’t make things worse right?

The visit took almost 2 hours. Stephane spent the first 45 minutes or so just going over my body talking to me about what was wrong. He was finding all of the tight muscles (and there were many many). Then he worked and got them to relax one by one. I won’t sugar coat it. It hurt. But when he was done with each of the knotted muscles it felt better. It turned out that I was so out of balance in my body it was not even funny. IT band super tight on left leg. Hamstrings super tight on right side. Left shoulder all knotted up (From my March bike crash. Stephane thought this also could have been the trigger for my knee. The start of my imbalance. Go figure.) Neck tight.

When he was done. I was loose, and somehow relaxed. My range of motion in all of my limbs increased significantly (each one was tight in different places). It was clear to me that he knew what he was doing. Not a charlatan. No snake oil.

Bike ride tonight called for 1:30 of moderate tempo riding (zone 2-3, constant effort). In the end there was no pain, no soreness, not even any real tightness. AND as a bonus. No numbness in my hand or feet. I felt totally renewed.

Game on.

(Author’s note: I hereby pledge to no longer judge chiropractors as a whole as I did before. This injury has led me in some interesting medical places. It has opened my eyes. Once when my eyes opened I even had needles sticking out of my legs.)

(Sec0nd Note: Woke up this morning. Felt a little like I had been in a car crash. Sore all over. But I had been warned. I biked 2:30 at a lite pace and was pain free. So I will take sore….)


6 thoughts on “Game On

  1. I don’t know. It took 44 year to get to this point. Another 44 years? 🙂 He and I discussed stretching and how to stay evened out. I am going back next week for a follow up. If I stay feeling good, definitely going to make an appointment right before I leave for Colorado!

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