Today, for the first time this spring, I got my mtb onto a single track. Its been a strange spring that I haven’t been riding any trails yet. Its was cold, wet, and snowy. Then I had Battenkill. Then the whole knee thing struck. One thing led to another and no real time on the single track. Today I was directed by my coach to go ride a single track and concentrate on flow.

I rode the trails behind my office. (I am really lucky that I have about 4 miles of moderately difficult trails right out the door of my office.) They are not overly technical, but they are rocky and rooty. And as I found out last year, if your mind wanders they can bite you. When I first got onto the trail  I felt awkward. I found my line of site moving from down the trail towards my front tire. Eyes at the front tire is a bad way to ride a single track. Your mind cannot process things quick enough to keep you out of danger. You actually want to be scanning ahead towards where you are going. Your brain essentially guides the bike through what is right in front of you. Its kind of neat when you do it well.

The first rocky and rooty sections were anything but flowing. I was constantly reminding myself to scan farther ahead. But then I got to a really nice section of the trail that you can pedal and glide through. It flows really well. I settled in and started to feel a little better.

The second lap was so much smoother than my first. I got through the more difficult sections before I knew it and was back onto the nice flowy section.

In the end it was a really nice ride. Worm and I got a little dirty. And I knocked some rust off (without adding to the injury list).

On the injury front, my knee continues to feel good. Actually I feel great all around. Looking ahead that’s a good thing. The training schedule is going to be very very serious over the next month….and beyond.


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