Yesterday I had a long, hard ride on the schedule. Longer and harder than Drew had originally scheduled. The issue had been how hard to go given the knee issues of the past month. Drew had originally opted for “relatively easy”. After we talked we decided that if I felt good after the first ramp up week I could go harder. Well, after the first ramp up week, I felt good, so it was ready to go harder.

The original plan had been to go to Lake Placid and pre-ride the Wilmington course. But thanks to work I had two meetings put on my schedule. One of those meetings was in fact put on my schedule by a friend of mine. Ulterior motives? Humm. We will have to see.

Instead I opted to ride here at home. And to prove to myself I am pretty much fully OK, I rode the course that finished my knee off 4 weeks ago. Here is the map….


and here is the profile….


To help translate that profile here is the grade…


This course is a version of the “Hill Ride” with dirt sections thrown in. (The “Hill Ride” is where you try to hit as many roads with the word Hill in the name as you can). The first up there is Pumpkin Hill Rd.

The second bump is just a hill leading up to the real meat of the day: White Hill Rd. White Hill is the local “long” road climb. It is a fun 3 mile, 600 ft climb that has some steep sections and some flats to recover on. You can really hammer on this hill.

The next big hill (it has some downs but mostly feels up) is Chapel Hill Rd and French Hill Rd. I like these because they are dirt, and they are steep. That’s where the 15% grade is (Note I do not believe this is a 15% grade grade hill. I think it really is over 20% in places).

The home on some rolling roads.

Couple of things I noticed:

1. Being about 8 lbs lighter really does make a difference. I can tell on the steep climbs. I am happy with my weight right now, but if I can get 4 or more lbs off before Whiteface I will be really excited.

2. I didn’t think about my knee when I was riding. I am really happy to be focused on suffering rather than waiting to hurt.

3. I am excited to get to Wilmington for the race.




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