Levi Effect

The sun did not come out, it was too cold to play ride, so I workout inside on that cold cold wet day…..

Today’s weather: 40, rainy, and windy. What’s an aspiring Leadville athlete to do? I could gear up and do my workout outside. You cannot choose the weather on race day right? Well I saw very little upside to that move. In fact I saw a cold soaking workout ending in me getting sick, so I geared up and road inside. But that’s not the real point of today’s post.

In order to pass time I watched the Levi Effect while I biked. I, as a Friend of Fatty, and registered 100 Miles of Nowhere “Competitor” got access to the Levi Effect as a part of my SWAG Bag. It seamed like a good day to pull that out and watch it.

For me it was difficult to watch. It was kind of like watching Star Wars Episode 1. Not because it was a disappointing movie, but because you know that cute kid you like will end up as Darth Vader. It’s not because I think Levi is evil like Darth, but because I know how this story is going go. I know he is going to make bad choices.

I like Levi. For me he is much more likeable and easier to relate too than Lance. Like Levi I remember watching LeMond win the TdF as a kid. I remember being inspired by him.

It makes me sad to see that motivated talented kid Levi was go down a dark road. Its hard to see that mixed in with the, what I see as, fundamentally good person. It makes the story really complicated.

I want to be able to believe in these guys who participate in a sport I love. I want to believe that this sport is moving in the right direction. Then I see crap like this. And I wonder.

In the end, I am willing to give Levi a chance to show he has truly changed, that he is fundamentally that little kid with a passion for a sport. And I hope I won’t have my heart broken again.


4 thoughts on “Levi Effect

  1. I’ve given up following the doping scandal. I don’t care anymore. I agree, I like Levi, I think he’s more down to earth than Lance, but I don’t know if I can even watch the movie now.

    I understand your apprehension about getting sick by training in adverse conditions. Way back when, in my early Leadville prep days, my wife chided me for saying I wasn’t going to ride the next day if it rained. So, I’ve never chosen not to do a training ride because of the weather. Well, not overtly.

    I guess the weather has just been good on the days I can ride 😉

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