A long wet ride

On Friday I rode my interval ride inside. It was cold and wet and I saw very little upside to riding outside.

This morning I had a 4:15 ride one the schedule. My longest scheduled ride of the season. The weather? Cold and rainy. Oh a little wind to just keep things interesting. (Authors note: They received 34″ of SNOW in Lake Placid at Whiteface mountain on Friday. That would be May 24th. The roads up the mountain are closed. I am riding there on Wednesday.) I looked at my day. Dinner with Mom and Dad at 5 pm. Lets see, subtract 4:15, move the decimal place….I needed to be on the road by 12 latest, earlier if possible. (Authors note: I could not do this ride tomorrow. I am riding some new single track trails with someone tomorrow. No swapping.) 10 am I hit the road.

Bootie covers, long riding pants, base layer, jersey, rain coat, full finger gloves. End of May. Wow. Since it was raining I decided to take Truck out for a ride. (Truck is my touring bike.) He has fenders and big 35mm tires. I figured those would make the ride more bearable. Truck was my first bike when I started riding for real.

I rode a course that would require two laps to get the 4:15 in. I did this so I would be close to home and so I could get new bottles half way through. The start of the ride was cold and wet. It was raining. Not a deluge, but enough to be uncomfortable.  I started to question what I was doing. It was hard to get into a groove.

Somewhere towards the end of the first lap the sun popped out just a little bit. When I finished the lap I went into the house to get new bottles. I also changed my base layer and jersey. Got new (dry) gloves and hit the road again. Since it wasn’t raining right then, I stored my rain coat in my back pocket.

The weather continued to improve. It was still cold and windy, but the roads started to dry out. And so did my mood. I ended the ride feeling pretty good about my effort. It wasn’t a easy ride (and no, it wasn’t the worst ride I have had this year, I reserve that for Battenkill) and I felt like I stayed strong through the whole ride.

Its been a really good week of riding. This week I rode 250 miles (which I am pretty sure is a record for me). My knees continue to feel good (better each day actually). And I got to 160 lbs. 🙂

Excited for tomorrow. New single track and sunny weather.


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