Yesterday I did a 2 hour tempo ride for my training. My MTB gear was in my office at work and so I decided to take out my road bike for the, lets see the 4th time this year. I have a nice 35 mile loop that I like to take when I have about 2 hours to ride. It goes out toward the mountains, around a state park, the on rolling hill back to my house. On the want back home I have a Strava segment defined on a hill. Its 0.6 miles long with 114 ft of elevation gain. Sometime last year a guy named “Garth” to my KOM on that segment.

I came riding up the road to the place where I could go on that segment and decided to go for it. Up I went hard as possible. Then I continued on my route.

When I got home Coreen asked how my ride was. “Don’t know yet.” Booted up the computer, uploaded the gps track and looked. 2nd, by 1 stupid second. Ugh. I hate Strava.

My consolation was that this morning when I looked at the segment, someone else rode it later the same day and beat Garth by 1 second. Ha! Down goes Garth šŸ˜€ (Oh crap, now I gotta find 3 seconds :(.)


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