Wilmington Whiteface 100 Prologue

It started innocently enough. On the drive home from dinner with my parents Coreen said she needed to run. One thing led to another and I suggested that we go out to a 3.5 mile path in the neighboring town that goes around a golf course. Noah and I would bring our bikes, Coreen would run. It would be a race. Noah and I would complete 2 laps on our bikes before Coreen completed one lap running. And just like that, a race was born.

Once home we all geared up. Noah got his biking jersey on. I put on my FC tech T. Coreen got into her running garb. We loaded up the car and drove out to the site of the race.

We parked and Noah and I started to get out bikes unpacked. Coreen on the other hand took off running.

“Looks like she wants to win this Noah. We better hurry up and get going.”

“Wait, my gps doesn’t have its satellites.” (Noah has my old gps for his use). It synched up and we were off.

We passed Coreen about half a mile down the path. “Attack position Noah, let her know you are serious.” Noah got low on his bike and whipped past his mom.

Then its time to bike for real. I told Noah I thought we needed to average 12 mph to get her. He worked hard and out average was about 12.5 mph at the end of the first lap.

Towards the end of the first loop Noah said he wanted to stop for water. “Not if you want to beat your mom.” On we went.

Noah kept up the pace until about 3/4 of the way through the second lap. The he started to tire. But he worked and we kept going. We passed the mom with about 2/10’s of a mile to go. THEN Noah stopped for water. We finished with a 12.7 mph average.

Coreen ran her fastest 2 miles of the summer on the first 2 miles of the run. But she couldn’t keep that pace up for the last 1.5 miles of the loop. Still it was pretty close.

(BTW. I would be stoked to end next weeks race with a 12.7 mph average.)


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