Every now and then something happens to make you aware of just how important different parts of your body are. For example, when my appendix ruptured I learned, not how important an appendix is, but how much you actually use the muscles in your stomach for every little thing you do.

Current case in point: ribs.

Once I cooled down and the adrenaline went away Sunday well things began to hurt in my chest.

I went for a massage on Monday (Bliss Massage) and then for some acupuncture on Tuesday (5 Elements). Yeah alternate medicine! (As a funny aside. The last time I went to Bliss Massage was a day after I had my worst wreck on a luge sled ever.) Shelby from 5 elements commented that my ribs looked bruised. I never looked at them. Sure enough. They were bruised. But I knew that, and I digress.

Breathing was exciting on Monday. Well more precisely sneezing was exciting. Imagine taking a deep breath to prepare for a nice sneeze getting half way into the breath and having a sharp pain in your chest stop you cold. Half breath in, sharp pain, sneeze in limbo. Yuck.

Monday I had a short recovery ride on tap. My legs felt great, just sitting on the bike hurt. When I got done I went to stretch, that hurt.

The ribs have been getting better. And I know that they just hurt and do not interfere with anything (well except breathing but that’s overrated anyway).

So my review of bruising ribs? It teaches you know how much you actually move your upper body. My recommendation: Pass on it if you can.  🙂



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