The Last Big Build

Alright boys and girls. Time to put on your helmets and buckle up your biking shoes. Get out your big boy (or big girl depending) pants. Leadville is 46 DAYS AWAY!

I feel like I am in a good spot right now. I realized yesterday when I was cleaning up from my bike ride that the Wilmington race was very different from last year in one very important aspect. When I finished I didn’t feel like it was the hardest thing I every did. Nope. I was tired (and bruised) but not at all beaten. And that is a good thing. I also feel like something clicked for me in Wilmington. I did an all out ride on Wednesday and set a couple of PB’s on local segments during my ride. My legs got tired, but I am OK with that, I was still recovering. Clearly I am biking fast right now. (Authors note, “fast” is something of a problematic term. I saw the leaders of the Wilmington race coming back after the turn around. I’ll never be “fast” like that and I am OK with that.)

So there are about 6 weeks until Leadville. Just enough time to do one last big build and looking at the schedule, yup, there is going to be lots of riding coming up. This week is almost 17 hours of biking on the schedule. That will be a new record for me. My longest week before this year as just under 14 hours. This year I have done 15.5 twice. I wouldn’t be shocked if this week actually goes to 19 hours, but more to come on that later this week.

Next week is a light 14 hour week. I am on travel so my training is going to be impacted. But don’t feel too too bad. I am going to a conference in North Lake Tahoe. There is a MTB already reserved and waiting for me in Incline Village. I am calling that pre race altitude training. Then there is a big blank hole in my schedule waiting to be filled in by Coach Drew. I’m hoping there will be some epic long rides in there. Maybe Saranac Lake and back (road bike of course on that one). Maybe the Wilmington course again (but I could add in going up to the top of Whiteface at the end to make it really exciting, hummm). Lots of intervals, and lots of “easy” days. Drew and I have to talk, but then there is a pre ride of the Leadville course over a series of days. I am hoping to ride as much of the course as I can two weeks out of the race while I am acclimatizing. The week of the race will be a nice light taper down to the race on Saturday.

Here we go……..


2 thoughts on “The Last Big Build

  1. I did 13.6 hours of riding … this past Saturday! 200 on 100 down the length of Vermont. 207.3 miles, 11,455 feet of climbing. Once I have my ride report finished, I’ll send it along.

    Leadville, watch out, Doug’s coming!

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