Plan B

Yesterday was supposed to be a very special training day. Coreen arranged for me to have a 4 hour private mountain bike lesson as a birthday present. But in the continuing saga of our wet spring (which I guess has not transitioned into a wet summer) we were scheduled for heavy rain, which on top of the rains we have been having made much of the single track pretty much a wet muddy mess. So we have to cancel the lesson. Tim for plan B.

The training schedule called for 4 hours a hard mtb riding. Ride all zones. OK. How to make this into a real intense ride? Well I have a ride that I call the hill ride. Where I made a route that hit a couple of the local hills people like to ride. With 4 hours to be accomplished I rearranged this ride so that I could hit ALL of the local hills. Here is the map:


And here is the profile:


The first 30 miles of this ride I have done many many times. But with 4 hours I got to add a couple of new “exciting” hills to the ride. French Pond Rd (it really should be French Pond Hill Rd) has a steep (over 20%) section on it with a good bit of lesser grade hill. Its a short but fun test. East Hill is basically “across the street” from French Pond Rd. I’ve driven it a number of times (one of the local granite walls you can top rope is near the top of it), but until yesterday I never rode it. Its a good, pretty steep 400 ft climb. I highly recommend it locals if you have not ridden it (its paved so road bikes will work).

The ride was 62 miles long with 5500 ft of elevation gain. No real epic climbs, just a day filled with what feels like continuous up hill riding. My goal was to get close to 1000 ft of gain / 10 miles of ride. Got pretty close.


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